Quantum Physics and Astrology Predict Bad Things For Bitcoin

Forget about technical analysis, charting, or market psychology. There’s a new way of predicting the fate of bitcoin that doesn’t involve busting out the bollinger bands or discerning cup-and-handle patterns. The name for this cutting-edge price predictor? Astrology.

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Divining Market Dynamics

Astrology is almost as old as the stars themselves, but it continues to live on, despite the invention of more contemporary prediction tools, like science and mathematics and psychology. Astrologist Ekaterina Vasyanova purports to be able to discern the future of bitcoin based on her analysis of thousands of natal charts and body graphs. It all sounds very hocus pocus, but according to the “Scientific astrology school” graduate:

A system based on astrology cannot predict the certain price of currency. But it can accurately forecast its dynamics during certain periods.

Her bitcoin astrology prediction?

The bitcoin price will fall after February 18, 2018 and a new cryptocurrency will emerge in late 2019 or early 2020 to take its place.

“Well, duh” will be the most common response to this. There’s a shitcoin born every five minutes, while the bitcoin price rises and falls every second, hour, month, and year. Neither of these things is remotely novel, until another phrase is dropped into the mix – quantum physics.

Here Comes the Science

In reaching her conclusions, Ms Vasyanova professes to have combined conventional astrology with quantum physics, based on the annual cycles of bitcoin. If you’re wondering how the cycles for an intangible decentralized ledger are calculated, the answer is simple: by starting them from August 18, 2008, the date when was registered. The astrologist’s full findings are laid out in a detailed article, albeit one which doesn’t contain much in the way of quantum Read More Here