Truckcoin - Fastest Payment Processing Cryptocurrency

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The current cryptocurrency market has seen a myriad of ICO that have flopped. One easy way to determine the viability of an ICO is by looking at the performance of the Pre-ICO. Pre-ICOs are a precursor that can give you insights into investor confidence in a platform. In Truckcoin’s case, the confidence is resounding. The Pre-ICO that was expected to last 30 days was sold out in under 24 hours. Very few Pre-ICOs can achieve this fete. The success of the Truckcoin Pre-ICO can be attributed to several factors.

First, it is a startup in a very lucrative industry. The payment processing industry is growing at a CAGR of seven percent, and the growth is projected to maintain the pace for at least five years. Second, Truckcoin is venturing into an industry that is dominated by players that have been able to guarantee user security. This is evident with the perennial hacks reported in many payment processing firms.

Truckcoin features
As highlighted truckcoin provides a solution to many of the problems that are facing the payment processing firm. GoldenHill International Limited can do this by adding the following features to the Truckcoin blockchain.

i. Decentralized ledger. Truckcoin uses a decentralized ledger that is encrypted and synchronized across of the connected devices. This prevents the blockchain from being breached by hackers.

ii. Pseudonyms and cryptographic security. Truckcoin provides each user account with a unique pseudonym to ensure that sensitive user details are protected from any prying eyes. Additionally, the ledger is encrypted from anyone, not on the blockchain protecting transaction information.

iii. Shuffling Read More Here