Abyss Platform - Game Industry Marketing

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The Abyss digital distribution platform is gearing up for its Token Sale. The team behind the project aims to allow gamers and game developers to have a mutually beneficial cooperation, in which both sides get to earn from their efforts. Players will be rewarded for playing games and being active with their friends and the community. While developers will get to enjoy marketing benefits, payments for in-game items, and referral benefits.

The gaming industry is growing at an alarming pace. Massive marketing expenses are necessary in order for developers to draw attention to their games. Developers have to spend more time on market shilling than game development. With The Abyss platform, that’s about to change.

The platform will provide developers with promotional and analytical tools, so that they can cough up less cash for ads, earning more at the same time.

Platform Referral System
Players and users will be able to refer other people to the platform and have new users play games, generate content, unlock achievements, and help the community grow. In exchange for rewards, which span over 5 levels.

Developers will be able to monetize their target audience through their games being played, as well as in-game payments. The Abyss is going to allocate about a third of funds to help to build the rewards pool for developers and the user base.

The referral program is split up into different levels. Players and Developers receive most benefits from referrals whom they invited to the platform directly, let’s call this the first level. First level rewards for platform use are 40%, Read More Here