Game Machine - Game Investments That Connect to the Cryptoworld

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Over the past decades, the gaming market has grown dramatically. And PC games section remain as the huge part of the industry. The increased amount of new titles, the emergence of eSports and the digital distribution allow gaming companies to expand their margin and attract the global audience. The rising number of gamers and Internet users combined with evolving tech ensures a growing number of prospective consumers. As the gaming industry reached the $100 billion mark, more and more investors are considering this promising sector which shows that the industry is bursting with its potential.

Colin Sebastian, senior research analyst with Robert W. Baird & Co. has some insight:
“More people are playing games every day and spending more money on games, unlike almost every other form of media, where there’s downward pressure. Games are still a growing industry and [they’re] becoming more dynamic… Video games should be near the top of the lists of investors”.

With the popularity of blockchain technologies and the booming of gaming, the idea of combining those was floating in the air. One of the first who developed this concept was the team of Game Machine. The project can be described as a transparent ecosystem which involves all parts of the industry from players to developers and investors. It provides players with in-game items, delivers the platform for developers to present games to an audience, advertisers get the space and tools, and investors can find a worthy project easier.

How does it work for investors?

Game Machine provides the crowdfunding platform, which presents a huge amount Read More Here