Bcshop.Io Bancor Protocol Partnership

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BCShop.io is happy to announce that it will integrate the Bancor Protocol into its project to enable all users to convert BCS tokens directly on-chain. This means that no centralized exchanges need be involved, liquidity is available at any given time and very low fees are applied if at all.

According to BCShop.io Founder Vladlen Manshin, “The Bancor protocol integration enables great versatility for BCS token holders in their choice to buy, sell, or exchange tokens for ETH, BNT, or any other token in the newborn ecosystem. The BCShop.io team is proud to be among the first to implement a truly decentralized liquidity.”

Bancor gathers different project tokens into a single network where each project maintains a balance in its smart contract in order to use the BTN (Bancor Network Token) as a “Connector.” Tokens can be bought or sold with the use of BNT, ETH, or any other token in the network at a continuously calculated price based on the Bancor formula, which balances the buy and sell volumes.

Users can discover new projects which have already joined the network by browsing the Web App’s discovery page: https://goo.gl/AdZ335. The Bancor-compliant BCS Token Relay will be launched in the week following the successful completion of the Token Sale.

The integration of the Bancor Protocol into the BCShop.io project provides BCS token holders the following advantages when converting their tokens:

• No Spread – With Bancor’s non-profit automated market maker, BCS token holders can buy and sell their tokens at the exact same price.
• No Registration Read More Here