Whether you are pitching a potential customer, a panel of pitch competition judges or your next-door neighbor, a good pitch requires you to share your vision in a certain way.

It’s daunting to tell the world why you started a business, why you think it’s important and, ultimately, why you think they should work with you. Usually that’s because you’re doing it wrong. A good pitch isn’t about you at all. It’s about the person you are pitching and addressing the following three questions.

  1. Why your product or service matters. Why does your product category even exist? As a founder, this question can be the most irritating and lead to “they just don’t get it” syndrome. People may not know your product category. You need to explain why it matters to them. With blockchain, for example, you could start with the idea of a ledger.

    People need to know what they owe and to whom. The blockchain is a way of taking this ledger of record and putting it across multiple devices or nodes so that there is no single point of dependency. Voila, suddenly someone who doesn’t know anything about blockchain understands why they should care about the category.

  2. Why you should choose us. If you are a salesperson that cannot answer the question of why your customers should choose you over your competitors, you either have not done your research or you don’t understand your market well enough. Either way, you should get off the phone. “Why us” is simply what makes you better than the competition. Are you cheaper? More reliable? Have more overall features? Great, then your why is simple.

    If you don’t have traditional competitors (you are first to market with something), your “why us” becomes “why us over why nothing.” This may sound easy, until you remember Read More Here