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  • People are using cutting-edge artificial intelligence technology to splice actor Nicolas Cage’s face into a wide assortment movies and TV shows, creating surreal mash-up clips.
  • The same technology has also been used recently to insert the images of female celebrities into pornographic videos without their consent.
  • As the technology improves, it could lead to new forms of art, but it could also be used to attempt to blackmail people or to create fake news stories.

The future is here — and it looks like Nicolas Cage.

Some online users are taking a new kind of artificial intelligence technology and using it to insert the hammy actor into films and TV shows he didn’t actually star in — basically into anything and everything they can imagine, from classic James Bond films to scenes from “Game of Thrones.” Reddit users began posting about and running with the idea on Thursday after one wondered how long it would be before the AI technology, which has already been put to more unscrupulous uses, was used to create a “full Nic Cage movie”

“That’s actually a very very good idea,” another Reddit user responded.

While humorous, the clips point to the growing sophistication of the technology — and its potential uses, both good and bad.

The name’s Cage, Nicolas Cage

You can now find an assortment of Nick Cage-enhanced clips on the online forum site. In one, Cage becomes James Bond, replacing Sean Connery in the vintage Bond movie “Dr. No.”

In another, the actor is transformed into the dour-faced Stannis Baratheon from “Game of Thrones,” in place of actor Stephen Dillane.

In yet another, Cage replaces Harrison Ford as Indiana Jones in a pivotal scene from “Raiders of the Lost Ark.”

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