Watch the magical line eight. Also, where do you sign it?

For a long time, a key marketing element of House Republicans’ tax reform push was the notion that they would write a tax code so simple you could fill out your taxes on a postcard. This was always pretty silly on a number of levels, but it at least offered a kind of plausible story that leadership could tell its members about why they were being asked to vote for legislation, as they did last year, that raised taxes on teachers who bought school supplies for their classrooms, parents who adopt kids, graduate student teaching assistants, and a range of other sympathetic figures.

Senate Republicans, being a more pragmatic lot, ultimately removed many of these kinds of politically toxic provisions from the bill that Donald Trump signed into law in December. The final law has the downside of invalidating the postcard promise. Interestingly, that has not caused the House GOP to drop the claim — they’ve simply rolled out a new and much dumber postcard.

Here’s the new postcard they tweeted out over the weekend:

RT if you’re excited to have a fair and simple tax code. One that works in your favor and not against. #2059more

— House Republicans (@HouseGOP) January 6, 2018

This is a simple 17-line form.

But virtually every line requires you to consult some other calculation — often with no clear instructions. On line two, for example, they don’t specify which savings plans are the “specified savings plans” that you are allowed to subtract or give you any indications of where you find the answer. On line six, they tell you that you can deduct your state and local taxes, but they forgot to mention that the Read More Here