Nintendo Labo

  • Nintendo made a major announcement on Wednesday night when it introduced “Labo.”
  • Nintendo Labo is a set of two dozen cardboard sheets that can be transformed into various do-it-yourself contraptions, like the miniature piano seen above.
  • Labo is a brilliant and logical move for Nintendo, a 128-year-old company with a long history of making toys.

Nintendo surprised the world once again this week.

The Japanese gaming powerhouse announced a new product with a strange name: “Nintendo Labo.”

Stranger than the name, however, is the product itself: a cardboard construction kit for building gaming peripherals. A what?

It’s worth explaining up front what you actually do with Labo. It’s not just a toy you buy, but a construction set for toys that are used with the Nintendo Switch console. The sets start at $70, and come with games.

Nintendo Labo

Here’s how Labo works:

  1. After emptying the box, you take the game cartridge that it comes with and pop it into your Switch.
  2. A set of instructions guides you through the process — on your Switch screen — of assembling the various cardboard components into whatever you intend to make.
  3. Having created your cardboard device, you insert components of the Nintendo Switch game console into it and play the included game.

Here’s an idea of what that might look like, care of Nintendo:

Nintendo Labo

The project may seem strange, but it’s actually a perfect marriage of Nintendo’s history as a toy maker and its recent history as a video game powerhouse. The word “Nintendo” is synonymous with “video games,” and has been for nearly 40 years.

But the company’s actually far older than you may know — over 128 years old! — and much of its history had nothing to do with Italian plumbers fighting evil turtles.

The bulk of Nintendo’s history was spent as a playing-card manufacturer, Read More Here