Mario Tennis Aces

Nintendo’s got a bunch of new games coming to its wildly popular Switch console in 2018.

Better yet: The Japanese gaming giant just revealed several entirely new games in a “Nintendo Direct” video presentation on Thursday.

More than just a new “Mario Tennis” game, Nintendo debuted a gaggle of new games headed to the Switch this year. Here’s everything we know!

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1. “Kirby Star Allies” is coming out on March 16

The latest entry in the long-running, beloved side-scrolling franchise starring Kirby is arriving on the Nintendo Switch in short order: “Kirby Star Allies” launches on March 16.

The new game, like its predecessors, stars Kirby — a pink puff who can absorb powers from his enemies — as he progresses through a breezy, lightly challenging fantasy world. In “Star Allies,” you can team up with up to three other players to take on levels. You can also play it alone, of course.

Check out the latest trailer for “Kirby Star Allies” right here:

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2. A new “Mario Tennis” game, called “Mario Tennis Aces,” is coming this spring.

Nintendo’s continuing to produce a steady beat of games starring Mario for the Switch, with “Mario Tennis Aces” being the latest. The game also stars a large cast of other Mushroom Kingdom favorites, like Luigi and Wario, and this new entry even has a story mode of sorts.

Since the game was only just debuted on Thursday morning, we only have a limited amount of information about it thus far. Check out the bit about it from Thursday’s Nintendo Direct video right here:

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3. “Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze” on May 4

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