Bitcoin Sidechains: Paul Sztorc Submits Two Drivechain Proposals

Bloq software developer and Hivemind chief scientist, Paul Sztorc, has recently submitted Bitcoin Improvement Proposals (BIP) for so called Drivechain technology. Sztorc has been steadily working on the protocol which enables sidechain technology where multiple blockchain networks can connect to the Bitcoin blockchain.

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Drivechain Vaguely Escaping Vaporware Status

Bitcoin Sidechains: Paul Sztorc Submits Two Drivechain Proposals
Bitcoin developer Paul Sztorc.

Paul Sztorc has submitted two BIP proposals for the bitcoin protocol that involves the ‘Drivechain’ protocol. Drivechain technology can be forked into the network adding the ability to implement autonomous sidechains and new mining features that are tethered to the bitcoin protocol. Sidechains are basically alternative blockchains or networks that can do nifty things like perform smart contracts or process blocks faster. But instead of being an altcoin the alternative network is designed to work with the bitcoin protocol’s rule set and bolster the bitcoin network. Now Sztorc explains Drivechains have become more than just a pipe dream as he built the codebase.

“First, Drivechain has vaguely escaped vaporware status,” explains Sztorc this week.

If you’ve ever thought “I’d like to take a look into Drivechain when there is code”, then now is a pretty good time.

Bitcoin Sidechains: Paul Sztorc Submits Two Drivechain Proposals
Sidechains and two-way pegs. Photo via RSK.

Hashrate Escrow and Blind Merged Mining

Sztorc also details there are some unfinished elements to the Drivechain codebase, but he is still requesting a code review from peers. The two BIPs the developer submitted Read More Here