Mt. Gox Bitcoin Missing In relation to Mysterious Death of Exchange CEO

State owned media outlet, Russia Today (RT), reports the suicide of an exchange CEO was in actuality something more sinister and connected to Mt. Gox’ 650,000 still missing bitcoin, according to RT‘s exclusive source.

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Mt. Gox Bitcoin Missing In relation to Mysterious Death of Exchange CEO

RT’s Exclusive Source: CEO Death Linked to Missing Gox Bitcoin

“The hundreds of thousands of bitcoins stolen from the Mt. Gox exchange four years ago could be recovered, but there are powerful forces against it,” an unsigned RT article begins ominously, citing an exclusive source. Someone “doesn’t want them found.”

Mt. Gox back in 2014 was 7 parts of every 10 bitcoin transactions. Two months into its near-four year run, and the Tokyo-based exchange had gone belly up. Hundreds of thousands of bitcoin were missing, vanished, assumed hacked. During subsequent bankruptcy proceedings, about a quarter of the disappeared cryptocurrency was recovered, but the remaining 650,000 continued missing. As of this writing, the price of bitcoin today would make the Gox ghost coins worth over ten billion dollars.

Mt. Gox Missing Bitcoin Due to Mysterious Death of Exchange CEO, Claims RT

“Not long after the exchange’s collapse,” the RT story continues, “the public was shocked by the death of a virtual currency exchange First Meta’s CEO,” Autumn Radtke, an American living in Singapore trying to succeed in the hurried start-up world of bitcoin. RT characterizes her death as “having fallen from her apartment building in Singapore. Some media reported it was a suicide while others referred to it as a ‘questionable financial-sector death.’”

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