A smear campaign targeting Seder accused him of joking about rape in a satirical tweet from 2009.

In the wake of backlash for its decision to fire Majority Report podcast host Sam Seder over a deleted 2009 tweet, MSNBC has reversed the move, according to the Intercept.

“Sometimes you just get one wrong,” MSNBC president Phil Griffin told the Intercept in a statement on the reversal, “and that’s what happened here.”

The move comes after widespread public outcry over Seder’s firing, which apparently arose out of MSNBC’s initial failure to understand that Seder was being targeted by an alt-right troll campaign over the nature of the tweet.

The 2009 tweet, which was circulated by prominent alt-right figure and Pizzagate conspiracy purveyor Mike Cernovich, was a satirical comment on director Roman Polanski’s arrest by Swiss authorities in connection to charges that Polanski raped a minor in 1977, and subsequent defenses from Hollywood insiders whose arguments boiled down to the fact that Polanski has made great art.

After the tweet began recirculating, Seder deleted it — a move he later said he regretted:

I was just asked if I regret my tweet from 2009. I regret laziness led me to delete it. I would never regret criticizing rape apologists.

— Sam Seder (@SamSeder) December 5, 2017

Though the tweet was contextually satirical, Cernovich and his followers chose to read it as sincerely callous, and react accordingly. After Seder deleted the tweet on November 28, 2017, attempts by Cernovich and his alt-right followers to vilify him grew more intense. Numerous prominent alt-right figureheads, including Donald Trump Jr., tweeted criticisms of Seder and of MSNBC for continuing to employ him.

Eventually the complaints reached MSNBC, which told Read More Here