Why the Community creator’s apology for sexually harassing writer Megan Ganz led to her forgiveness.

When sexual harassment and abuse has been swept under the metaphorical rug for so long, the sincerity of perpetrators who apologize once they’re caught tends to ring hollow. It feels like a cop-out, a road taken only because every other road has become a dead end.

As more and more accusations have piled up, the men accused — from Louis C.K. to Matt Lauer to Charlie Rose — have issued stuttering apologies and acknowledged varying degrees of culpability, to varying degrees of success. And one thing that just about all of these “apologies” have had in common is that they seem more interested in protecting the people making them than the people they’re ostensibly for.

But when he was forced to publicly address sexual harassment allegations against him, Dan Harmon — creator of Community and executive producer of Rick and Morty — did something different. On the most recent episode of his Harmontown podcast, Harmon didn’t just apologize to Megan Ganz, the Community writer who recently confronted him on Twitter about her traumatic experience working for him. He also took full responsibility for his actions, detailing exactly how often he had failed her, how he justified it to himself, and why his behavior was so unacceptable. He also admitted that he likely would not have thought about the situation ever again if she hadn’t forced him to, and that this self-preservation instinct was yet another mistake on his part.

“I did it by not thinking about it,” Harmon said. “And I got away with it by not thinking about it.”

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