More than Half of Russians Know About Bitcoin Now

More than half of Russians have some knowledge about bitcoin, according to a new survey. Awareness is higher among young people and in major cities. Three quarters of the Muscovites feel informed about the leading cryptocurrency thanks to 185,000 publications in news outlets. Bitcoin is the most popular word in Russian social media, another study shows.

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Young and Online (Profile of the Savvy)

More than Half of Russians Know About Bitcoin NowIn a year with major developments for bitcoin, many more Russians have become aware of the first crypto. 56% of them now say they know about Bitcoin, according to a recent survey conducted by VCIOM, the “All-Russian Center for the Study of Public Opinion”. The number of knowledgeable respondents rises to 66% of active internet users.

The awareness among young Russians has reached 75% (18 to 24-years-olds), and 71% of all men know about bitcoin. 74% of the residents of the capital Moscow and the second-largest city Saint Petersburg have already learned about the decentralized cryptocurrency.

Few of the informed, however, possess profound knowledge of bitcoin. Only a third of them know that anyone can obtain it – 34%, and some 16% think that bitcoin is actually banned in Russia. More than a quarter know, though, that coins are not only purchased, but can be mined, as well (29%). Another 44% are aware that cashing them out is not yet legalized in Russia.

Better Known as Means of Payment

Despite often described to them as asset and defined as “other property”, 40% of the participants in study know they can use bitcoin to buy and Read More Here