mercedes-benz g-wagon

  • Mercedes-Benz revealed its 2018 G-Series SUV on Monday.
  • While the exterior hasn’t changed much, some of the interior and internal features are new.
  • The SUV has been revamped to improve off-road handling and limit distractions for the driver.

Mercedes-Benz’s G-Wagon (the car was rebranded as the G-Series in 1998, but many fans still use its original name) has been one of the brand’s signature vehicles since it made its debut in 1979.

The SUV has served a variety of uses — from transporting military and government employees to protecting the pope — and has become one of Mercedes-Benz’s most profitable vehicles as SUVs have taken a larger share of American car sales.

Mercedes-Benz unveiled the 2018 model on Monday. While its boxy exterior is largely unchanged, the G-Wagon has received interior updates designed to keep it competitive with other high-end vehicles.

Here’s what you can expect from the new G-Wagon.

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The G-Class, known until 1998 – and by many fans today – as the G-Wagon, has been a Mercedes-Benz icon for decades

First introduced to consumers in 1979, the G-Wagon is the oldest model series Mercedes-Benz still produces.

The G-Wagon wasn’t available in the US for decades.

The car made its American debut in 2002.

Now, it’s one of Mercedes-Benz’s most profitable vehicles.

Dieter Ziesche, Daimler board member and head of Mercedes-Benz, said the brand sold 22,000 G-Class vehicles in 2016, half of which were high-performance AMGs, at the 2018 Detroit auto show.

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