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  • Poppy is a YouTube star whose strange videos have become an online phenomenon.
  • The artist is the subject of several rumors, including that she might be a robot, a member of the Illuminati, or a pawn subjected to mind control.

This is Poppy. A 22-year-old YouTube prima donna and pop princess, Poppy currently occupies one of the weirdest corners of the web — and, in her two-year existence online, she has already inspired her own religion.

Her YouTube channel, “Poppy,” is a hallucinatory digital wormhole with hundreds of videos, many of which have garnered millions of views.

And it seems that Poppy’s hold on pop culture has only just begun. This year, Poppy released her first studio album, embarked on a nationwide tour, was featured in a Sanrio ad campaign, and teamed up with Comedy Central for a Snapchat show.

Poppy makes music, but given the scope of her output on YouTube (she produces a new video nearly every day) that’s only a marginal part of what she does. She also brushes her hair, eats cotton candy, talks with plants and sinister mannequins, applies makeup, paints, crawls, jumps, and lays on the floor. Her videos depict a chilly, robot-inflected reality that’s rendered in candied pastel hues. Tell Poppy that you find her videos to be creepy, and she’ll answer, sweetly, “Thank you.”

Poppy’s personality is a cross between a chatbot and a child. If you ask Poppy a question, she’s sure to answer with demure, algorithmic precision. Where is she from? The internet. What does she like to do for fun? Listen to “the sound of rain falling” in “videos on YouTube.com.” How old is she? She doesn’t identify with age. “Age is just too 2016,” she says.

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