His widely criticized interview with Clinton takes on a new importance now.

Matt Lauer’s dismissal from NBC following a report of sexual misconduct matters for the woman who came forward, for everyone at NBC, and for Lauer, who may face more specific and more public allegations in the coming days. But it also matters for everyone in America and around the world who watched Lauer on television as he shaped their understanding of news and culture.

One moment from last year’s presidential campaign, in particular, stands out: the Commander-in-Chief Forum, which Lauer moderated in September. The event was supposed to be a chance for presidential candidates Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump to discuss their positions on national security issues, each in a conversation with Lauer. Instead, it turned into an opportunity for Lauer to grill Clinton about her emails.

Things got off to a bad start. In the second question of the evening, Lauer asked Clinton to name the most important quality of a commander-in-chief. As she talked about steadiness, strength, and the ability to make difficult decisions, he interrupted her: “You’re talking about judgment,” he said.

She hadn’t exactly been talking about judgment, but the reason for his interruption became clear a few moments later, when he said, “the word judgment has been used a lot around you, Secretary Clinton, over the last year and a half, and in particular concerning your use of your personal email and server to communicate while you were Secretary of State.”

“You’ve said it’s a mistake,” he continued. “Why wasn’t it more than a mistake? Why wasn’t it disqualifying, if you want to be commander-in-chief?”

Clinton answered him — and then she answered again, and again, as Lauer peppered her with question after question about the emails. When Lauer took the first Read More Here