Love It or Hate It: Anarcho-Capitalist Luminaries Weigh In On Bitcoin

Bitcoin is a fascinating monetary tool that many believe will help fight the central banking system, corrupt economic planning, and help stop a small group of individuals from controlling the world’s money supply. Often times bitcoin is associated with anarcho-capitalism, free markets, and sometimes the Austrian school of economics. Today we will look at a large group of anarcho-capitalists, ‘gold bugs,’ and well-known economists to see how they feel about the bitcoin revolution.

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Libertarian Luminaries and Anarcho-Capitalist Personalities Weigh In On Bitcoin Over the Years

Some people believe the decentralized cryptocurrency bitcoin is a tool that Austrian economists, anarcho-capitalists, libertarians, anarchists, and agorists should embrace. However, the many luminaries that have studied the works of Ludwig von Mises, and Murray Rothbard are still unsure about bitcoin. Some have embraced the cryptocurrency right away, while other individuals who pride themselves as ‘gold bugs’ changed their tune after initially dismissing bitcoin. Either way, bitcoin is very much a part of the anarcho/libertarian based ideologies and has been for quite some time.

Doug Casey

Love It or Hate It: Anarcho-Capitalist Luminaries Weigh In On Bitcoin The writer and anarcho-capitalist, Doug Casey, is well known for his economic beliefs and essays about politics and markets. A few years ago Casey did not like bitcoin and dismissed the cryptocurrency when asked if he supported the new technology. However, these days Casey has a different perspective as the writer believes bitcoin is money, but he’s not confident it will last.

“As far as the cryptocurrencies are concerned, my original objection to Bitcoin was that it’s Read More Here