This January, thousands of cryptocurrency enthusiasts flocked to The North American Bitcoin Conference in Miami after a grueling two weeks of market madness. The very large crowd, however, was quite confident that the emerging digital asset space was still on the rise as the halls of the James L Knight Center were bursting with vigor.

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Thousands of People, Hundreds of Exhibits, and Lots of Lambos

The North American Bitcoin Conference (TNABC) was a full house this year as thousands of attendees (mostly newcomers) gathered to converse about cryptocurrencies and tech applications that many dreamers believed could make the world a better place. The new year market slumps of 2018 haven’t seemed to phase bitcoiners, as many of the attendees still believe “the moon” values are still very much in sight. The first thing attendees noticed at TNABC walking into the auditorium was the various exhibits, huge bitcoin signs and the large quantity of Lamborghinis in the parking lot. One Lambo was for sale at the conference for 43 BTC and a bunch of other digital currencies.

There were a lot of Lambos at TNABC and some were even for sale.

Mainstream Media Presence

In addition to the vast quantity of newcomers, many mainstream media outlets were also in attendance such as RT, CNBC, Bloomberg, and also a prominent amount of local Miami news stations. Of course, the press was quite interested in the crypto phenomena while they interviewed bitcoin luminaries and startups pitching different ideas. But the main thing the mainstream media wanted to know is whether or not cryptocurrencies would ‘survive’ the recent Read More Here