Fully autonomous car shipments

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LiDAR is a key enabling technology for autonomous vehicles, and a number of companies developing and manufacturing the critical type of sensor have announced innovations that can cut the costs of autonomous systems.

The development of production-ready budget LiDAR chipsets designed specifically for autonomous vehicles is an important advancement in bringing self-driving technology to market.

Here’s what a few major players in LiDAR development are doing to reduce the cost of systems and ready them for mass production:

  • LiDAR sensor technology provider LeddarTech will showcase its LeddarCore LCA2 chipset for autonomous cars’ LiDAR sensors at CES. The company says it’s the first 3D solid-state LiDAR integrated chipset that can be mass manufactured at under $100 apiece, and will provide a reference design for partners to start manufacturing at scale this year. Solid-state modules, which don’t feature any moving parts, are far cheaper to manufacture at scale than other types of LiDAR sensors, which can cost tens of thousands of dollars each. LeddarTech’s new sensors will pave the way for the faster development and spread of autonomous vehicles.