Lamborghini Alpha-One

  • Accessory maker Tonino Lamborghini makes a smartphone. It’s called the Alpha-One.
  • The company shares a heritage with the carmaker Lamborghini, and a penchant for premium prices: The Alpha-One costs $2,500 (£1,900).
  • Beyond its fancy materials and brand name, the Alpha-One is also a more than decent Android phone.

Lamborghini has a phone, and — as you would expect — it costs $2,500, or about £1,900, and it tells two distinct stories.

The first one fits with the company’s narrative: This is an ultra-premium device, made for the limited number of people who can afford it and appreciate the build quality of a pleasingly hefty, well-crafted piece of technology.

The Alpha-One blends unusual, pricey, and entirely unnecessary materials such as kevlar, liquid metal, and genuine leather (which, of course, tries to remind you of the inside of a Lamborghini car), which make for a ludicrous first impression.

You may find it glamorous, or ugly — those are the words uttered by most of the people I’ve handed this phone to — but there’s no denying that the Alpha-One looks and feels different from other smartphones, and will immediately make you feel strongly about it.

And that’s precisely what it wants to be: A rare object and a visual, concrete statement, if you will.

That’s fine; if you are dropping $2,500 on a phone, that’s likely because that much money is nothing more than a drop in the ocean for you, and the exclusivity it will inevitably speak for is worth more to you than anything else.

Here is something you should know, however: It’s not actually Lamborghini that makes the phone, but rather an independent company called Tonino Lamborghini, which shares the same heritage but focuses on gadgets and accessories.

If you forget about price, the Alpha-One is actually a decent smartphone…

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