Kodak Getting Into Bitcoin Mining

Kodak, a legacy photography company synonymous with the last century, is to launch its own cryptocurrency, Kodakcoin. Not content with holding an ICO, the company has also decided to get into cryptocurrency mining in what’s been interpreted as a desperate bid to stay relevant. The news, unveiled at CES 2018 on Wednesday, goes down as one of the strangest stories yet in a month that’s been filled with crypto oddities.

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Kodak Enjoys Its Kodak Moment

In a week in which an altcoin for the dental industry neared a $2 billion market cap and messaging app Telegram unveiled a 132-page white paper, the notion of Kodak launching its own ICO doesn’t seem that outlandish. Reinventing itself as a cryptocurrency mining firm into the bargain though is a curveball that no one saw coming.

Kodak Getting Into Bitcoin Mining

CES is the technology world’s largest and glitziest event of the year, hosted in Las Vegas and boasting cutting-edge new kit from industry leaders such as Samsung and Sony. And then there’s Kodak, a company that by anyone’s reckoning was last relevant around the time that Instamatic cameras were the latest tech. But to the chagrin of the other exhibitors at CES on Wednesday, Kodak stole the show.

Kodak Pictures Itself Mining Cryptocurrency

Kodak, Meet Crypto

The news that the Eastman Kodak Company, founded in 1888, was jumping on the cryptocurrency bandwagon should have come as a total shock. It says something about the current news cycle that the story, accompanied by news of Kodak’s inevitable share price Read More Here