Justice League Warner Bros

  • Director Zack Snyder once again gets too dark, and won’t give the audience a good ol’ superhero popcorn movie.
  • A lot of Wonder Woman’s plot feels forced in.
  • Ben Affleck looks to be completely over playing Batman. He gives a flat performance.

Warning: Minor spoilers ahead for “Justice League.”

Going into watching “Justice League” (in theaters Friday), I had the same desire I have going into every superhero movie: just entertain me. But that never seems to be easy when it comes to director Zack Snyder.

In a career that has showcased visually stunning works matched with loads of ambition (“300,” “Watchmen”), Snyder’s role as the creative pillar of the DC Comics movies for Warner Bros. has led to impressive box office, but viewing experiences that leave critics and general audiences alike frustrated.

And “Justice League” is arguably Snyder’s most infuriating work yet.

A movie that has been decades in the making, we finally have some of the most iconic comic book heroes from DC united in one blockbuster — Superman (Henry Cavill), Batman (Ben Affleck), Wonder Woman (Gal Gadot), Aquaman (Jason Momoa), The Flash (Ezra Miller), and Cyborg (Ray Fisher). I’m no superfan, but I would think we would witness these titans coming together to kick major butt. Well, we really only get around 20-25 minutes of that. Tops.

Justice League 2 Warner BrosMost of the movie has all of them brooding about lost loves (Wonder Woman), brooding about trying to understand their super powers (Cyborg), and brooding about getting old (Batman). Yeah, there’s a lot of brooding — not to mention uncomfortably shoehorning as much “Wonder Woman” in as possible. Honestly, at times this movie feels like a bad “Wonder Woman” sequel.

The movie picks up with the aftermath of Superman’s death (remember, he “died” at the end of “Batman v Superman: Read More Here