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  • Jony Ive, Apple’s head of design, seems to be sensitive about criticism of Apple Park, the company’s new $5 billion campus.
  • Ive dubbed critiques of the campus “bizarre,” noting it was designed for the company’s use, not for the general public.
  • His comments follow a string of negative critiques and sentiment about the campus, particularly as to how it affects the traffic, parking, and home prices of the area around it.

Jony Ive, Apple’s chief design officer, just doesn’t understand the criticism of the company’s new corporate headquarters.

More than that, he doesn’t think any of it is valid.

In an interview at the Hirshhorn Museum in Washington, DC, earlier this week, Ive noted that Apple Park is “our house.”

“We didn’t make Apple Park for other people,” Ive said. “So I think a lot of the criticisms … are utterly bizarre, because it wasn’t made for you. And I know how we work, and you don’t.”

The company’s new $5 billion Apple Park campus, which opened earlier this year to employees, has drawn a mixed reaction from observers. Many have been wowed by the spaceship-like appearance and cutting-edge design and materials of its primary building.

But others have criticized the campus, which isn’t open to the general public, for its design and its impact on traffic, parking, and home prices in the surrounding community.

The new campus shows “a blatant disregard not only for the citizens of Cupertino but also for the functionality of the region,” wrote one architecture critic in the New York Times.

Ive is open to criticism — just not about Apple Park

Ive took issue with such critiques. Although he didn’t design the campus or the main spaceship building — that was Foster and Partners’ work — he was reportedly deeply involved in the entire process of developing them.

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