Job Today

  • Job hunting app Job Today wants to provide transparency to recruitment.
  • Founder Polina Montano said that the app weeds out bad employers and bans them from its platform.
  • The company has grown to 4 million registered users.

Job Today now has 4 million registered users who use the mobile app to look for new jobs advertised by 300,000 employers on the platform.

The company, which was only launched in 2015, is now backed by $65 million (£49.5 million) in venture funding, and operates in the UK and Spain (its HQ is in Luxembourg). It has 50 employees.

Job Today is gathering momentum so quickly that it is starting to become the dominant way for some employers to fill jobs in bartending, restaurants, hotels, retail, and small businesses.

But there is a problem inside the app.

Many of the jobs it offers are at minimum wage, or below. Some employers are clearly looking for workers under age 25, or even younger, even though it is illegal to hire people based on their age. And it’s not hard to find get-rich-quick scams in Job Today — multi-level marketing and pyramid schemes — posing as real jobs. A search inside the app for openings in London quickly reveals bartending jobs on offer for £4.05 an hour — a rate only payable to employees under 18 years old. 40% percent of Job Today users are people searching for their first-ever job.

The app may be a fantastically successful device for expanding the horizons of casual labour beyond a “Help Wanted” sign in a shop window. And most employers are offering wages higher than the bare minimum — it’s easy to tell the reputable companies from the exploiters.

But Job Today can also leave users with the queasy feeling that it is simply monetising inequality, by providing a deeper pool of both demand and Read More Here