He says he now recalls more than he did before.

Attorney General Jeff Sessions came to Capitol Hill to give sworn testimony on Tuesday, and he had some explaining to do.

Sessions’s testimony to the House Judiciary Committee was his first since news of two indictments and a guilty plea in special counsel Robert Mueller’s Russia investigation became public late last month. That and other recent news cast doubt on Sessions’s previous sworn statements that he didn’t know about Trump campaign contacts with Russia.

Sessions testified back in January that he “was not aware of” any Trump campaign communications with the Russian government, and that he “did not have communications with the Russians.” And he testified just last month that he was “not aware of” any Trump campaign surrogates who had communications with the Russians, adding, “And I don’t believe it happened.”

But a court document unsealed in late October revealed that George Papadopoulos, a young Trump campaign foreign policy adviser, had bragged about his Russian contacts and proposed setting up a meeting with Putin during a March 2016 meeting that Sessions had attended.

Furthermore, another Trump campaign foreign policy adviser, Carter Page, recently testified to Congress that in June 2016, he told Sessions that he was planning to travel to Russia. (Page traveled to Moscow the following month, but has made inconsistent statements about how many Russian officials he interacted with there.)

Taken together, we now know that at least two Trump campaign aides talked about outreach to Russia in Sessions’s presence. And that’s a big problem for an attorney general whose past sworn testimony strongly implied those types of events had never taken place.

In his testimony Tuesday, Sessions admitted to remembering his interaction with Papadopoulos about Russia. He said he still has no recollection that Page Read More Here