Republicans are desperate for a way to distract from Trump’s Russia problems.

Attorney General Jeff Sessions is contemplating appointing a special counsel to investigate a wide array of Republican grievances — including a thoroughly debunked charge that Hillary Clinton wrongly gave Russia 20 percent of US uranium as secretary of state.

A top Justice Department lawyer notified the House Judiciary Committee this week that Sessions has directed senior federal prosecutors to look into the matter, bowing to repeated requests for this kind of special counsel from House Judiciary Committee Chairman Bob Goodlatte (R-VA).

One of the major points that Goodlatte has been fixated on, and that Sessions is entertaining the idea of investigating, is the ongoing scandal surrounding Clinton and an energy company called Uranium One. The Russian state-owned company Rosatom acquired a controlling stake in Uranium One, a Canadian company which owns a significant share of US uranium production capacity, in 2010.

Fox News is obsessed with the story that Clinton was pivotal in a deal that gave Russia “20 percent of our uranium,” jeopardizing American national security while serving at the nation’s top diplomat. And GOP lawmakers are leaning into the issue as well. “It’s important we find out why that deal went through,” said Rep. Peter King (R-NY) at a news conference in October where the House Intelligence Committee and the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee announced the beginning of their own probes into the matter.

Republicans and their allies in the conservative media are using the purported controversy to muddy the waters around Special Counsel’s Robert Mueller’s ongoing investigation into potential Trump-Russia collusion. There’s just one problem: the whole controversy is based on a myth.

The Uranium One scandal is manufactured drama

The key event that the myth is based on is Russia’s nuclear Read More Here