Watch Happy!, an overcaffeinated dramedy with a cartoon unicorn. Skip Knightfall, a boring Knights Templar drama.

For the most part, American television avoids the last two or three weeks of the calendar year. Where Christmas is the time to watch TV in the United Kingdom, which routinely hauls out bushel upon bushel of holiday specials, US networks typically turn down the lights, relying on seasonal staples, from beloved specials such as Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer to perennial movie favorites like The Sound of Music.

That’s changing in the era of streaming, however. Netflix dropped Making a Murderer less than a week before Christmas in 2015, and it has a new season of Black Mirror coming shortly before New Year’s Day this year. Amazon has routinely used this time of year to host Mozart in the Jungle and is launching the handsome British miniseries The Last Post on December 22. (Mozart appears to have slipped to 2018 and out of the holiday season.)

This may be why two major cable networks — Syfy and History — are launching two big new drama series, which will air through the holidays and well into the new year. In the case of Syfy’s Happy!, this makes a certain perverse sense: The ultra-brutal, deeply strange series is set during the holiday season and is laden with Christmas carols. History’s Knightfall, meanwhile, is about the Christian order of the Knights Templar, so you can sort of see the Christmas connection if you squint.

Will viewers find them? Maybe, maybe not. Maybe American viewing patterns are changing and people are looking for new TV to watch during the holidays. Or maybe Syfy and History don’t care and hope viewers find the shows via streaming or on demand someday.

Yet these shows invite comparison in another way: Each attempts Read More Here