Isaac, Taylor and Zac first started performing together as a band back in 1992. Five years later they were household names with their hit single “MMMBop.” The three brothers have been recording songs and touring the world ever since, and they’ve also started their own record label and beer company. We chatted with Hanson about their current tour, how they got into the beer business, and what’s next for the trio. Following is a transcript of the video.

Zac: Hi. I’m Zac. That’s Taylor. This is Isaac. We all have the same last name. It’s Hanson.

We are a band called Hanson.

Taylor: We’ve been playing music for 25 years, and somehow we have not killed each other yet.

Zac: Yes.Which is really the only achievement we’ve achieved. As far as achievements go.

So, one of our most famous songs is called “MMMBop.”

Talking about how we got started is a little different than, I think, most bands, because …

Taylor: We were so young.

Zac: We’re brothers. And two: we were incredibly young. I was 6.

At that time, we were just singing. I mean, we were just a vocal group. We had … we all played piano at some level.

We played a ton of schools. And we were able to sort of be this reflection of potential for kids. That was really the first place we saw screaming girls.

Isaac: Yeah, exactly.

Zac: I think that’s why maybe we weren’t quite as shocked by it when, you know …

Taylor: when it happened in a big way.

Zac: … international stardom came.

They say that you’re most likely to meet your significant other at work. And we are a part of that statistic. We all met our wives playing concerts.

Our inspiration was ’50s music. Was rock ‘n roll. Was looking at young artists who had Read More Here