Facebook F8 Zuckerberg

  • Publishers are scrambling to try and figure out whether Facebook’s big algorithm change will impact their business.
  • Many are confused and anxious, while others see a big win for quality publishers.
  • There is a sense of betrayal among some media companies, given how active Facebook has courted the industry.
  • Others say they’ve already long ago moved away from relying too much on Facebook for web traffic.

Across the media industry, publishers are trying to figure out what this big Facebook algorithm change means.

According to more than half a dozen conversations with media executives, the early reactions range widely, including:

  • Deep anxiety
  • Shoulder shrugging
  • Fatalistic acceptance
  • Betrayal and frustration
  • Exuberant cheerleading

Here’s what Business Insider is hearing regarding the thrust of some of these Facebook-related discussions happening inside publishers’ walls:

Reaction 1: Duh. Publishers should have seen this coming

Several publishers have long warned against putting all their eggs in the Facebook basket, and have tried to diversify revenue streams. And they’ve also kept their eyes wide open when it comes to Facebook’s level of caring about media partners.

Bryan Goldberg, CEO of the female-focused publisher Bustle, said there is no reason to panic if you’ve been paying attention. “This one was predictable, and smart CEO’s should be years ahead of it in their thinking,” he told Business Insider.

But he also warned that Facebook has to be careful in being too blunt, and becoming inhospitable to media companies.

“Facebook will need to come up with some solution,” he said. “Users absolutely want to read professionally-created content and news. So they will either fulfill this demand, or they will cede a huge market opportunity to Apple and Google. “

Reaction 2: Is Facebook the boy who cried algorithm?

As one social media-centric publisher noted, Facebook has said this sort of thing before, and not entirely followed through. Indeed, Read More Here