HQ Trivia will never, ever, ever give most players any money. But hundreds of thousands are diving in anyway.

It’s nearly 9 pm, and if you’re like the one million other avid users of HQ Trivia, the new live trivia app from the creators of Vine, you’re itching to grab your phone and play along with all the other “HQ-ties.”

Will you reach the end and walk away with a mildly life-changing sum of money (or even $11)? Almost certainly not — and even if you do manage to win a small sum, you probably won’t be able to take home the money, due to a devious, little-known stipulation that prevents the game’s contestants from actually cashing out, while forcing them to keep playing in order to claim their money at all.

But that hasn’t stopped people from flocking to this curious app-based trivia show. And controversy and confusion over its business model hasn’t stopped venture capitalists from lining up to invest in the game — or rather, it’s only stopped some of them.

There’s no question that HQ Trivia is a hit. But if you’re wary about an app that gives you money (or withholds your money, depending on how you look at it) without asking for anything in return, you’re not alone. From its founders’ history of shady behavior to where the money comes from, HQ is sometimes short on answers.

HQ Trivia took the classic TV game show and turned it into the perfect game for the internet: a group activity you can enjoy alone

HQ Trivia

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