Ingleside is miles off the beaten path for most San Franciscans.

It’s a haul from any central location in the city, and it has a reputation as one of the tougher neighborhoods, which has helped the working-class area stay under the radar of tech workers and real-estate investors. In fact, you can still buy a home for under $1 million in Ingleside.

According to data from Paragon Real Estate Group, only 20% of homes sold in San Francisco since July 2016 went for under $1 million. Of those 593 sales, 83 have been in Ingleside.

Business Insider visited Ingleside to see what this last affordable enclave is like.

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San Francisco’s public transit system services Ingleside, but it is by no means a short trip. We hopped on Muni by our office in downtown and arrived a solid 40 minutes later.

Ingleside sits to the far south of the rest of the city, sandwiched between Balboa Park and San Francisco State University. Highway 280 brushes its western border.

Our first stop was the community garden at Brooks Park, where locals can grow produce and ornamental plants for personal use. It’s known for panoramic views of the city.

After some serious huffing and puffing up one of Ingleside’s (many) steep hills, we arrived. Two people were tending their plots, and the garden was beautifully well-maintained and quiet.

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