India Drug Cartel Uses Bitcoins, Two Arrested: A Closer Look at Legacy Media Libel

This week, Delhi Police accused two people of operating a drug ring, according to the Daily Mail India edition. Using the world’s most popular cryptocurrency, bitcoin, police were able to purchase 3,635 USD worth of illegal drugs on the dark web. It is claimed such an incident is “probably the first case in India.”

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“A DJ, drugs and the Dark Web: Two held as Bitcoin trail leads police to cartel trading ecstasy and MDMA”

Above is the headline used in the online news source’s attempt to link bitcoin to nefarious activity, a favorite among mainstream news organizations around the globe. It might be helpful to analyze how such articles are constructed in an effort to better understand media hysteria masked as public concern.

“This is probably the first case in India,” the report rather boldly claims in a country of over one billion, three hundred million people, “where narcotics were purchased through the secret corner of the virtual world and the payment was made in bitcoins.”

“A payment of Rs 2.36 lakh was made through RTGS to a person who converted the amount into Bitcoin,” the article states. “The drugs were delivered through post as a gift from the Netherlands and allegedly later supplied to” one of the accused.

As of this writing, 1 Rs : .015 USD, as 236,000 Rs is roughly equivalent to 3600 USD. RTGS is the India-unique Real Time Gross Settlement System. Two people and 4K worth of rave drugs might not fit any person’s definition of a “cartel” nor “ring.”

“The seized drug was used in rave parties in Delhi and adjoining states,” the article says. One of the two arrested was caught with “100 pills (42g) of ecstasy,” who happens to be “a DJ Read More Here