iPhone X

  • When Apple announced the iPhone 7, without a headphone jack, it was the closest I’ve ever come to leaving iPhone for Android.
  • Apple’s big event convinced me to get an iPhone X, the $999 top-of-the-line iPhone, and it rules: The camera is amazing, the screen is gorgeous, and the performance is killer.
  • Some quibbles: It’s harder to use one-handed than any iPhone before it, and the FaceID facial recognition system isn’t quite fast enough or reliable enough yet.
  • Getting rid of the headphone jack is still lame.

When Apple first unveiled the iPhone 7, with all its headphone jack-less “courage,” I admit I was disappointed. Miffed. Upset, even. For the first time ever, I considered ditching iPhone and going to Android.

But I gave in to Apple’s marketing magic, enticed by its promises of the future of the smartphone. Despite my misgivings, I traded in my trusty iPhone 6s for the shiny, new iPhone X, the all-new, all-screen $999 beast of a phone. I suppose I could have gotten an 8 or an 8 Plus, but, you know. Go big, or go home.

And boy howdy, am I ever glad I did. This thing is great.

(Even if it doesn’t have the headphone jack. And even if there are good arguments for going the other way.)

Like many others, I found that the new iOS 11 made my iPhone 6s a living nightmare — a slow, buggy mess with atrocious battery life. It’s pretty clear that, in many ways, iOS 11 was designed with the X in mind: It’s fast and smooth. And while the lack of a home button is disorienting, the new gestures are slick and quick to learn.

I can’t say enough nice things about the camera, either. Going from the iPhone 6s to the Read More Here