navya arma shuttle

I may have come to Las Vegas for the Consumer Electronics Show, but there was one other thing I knew I had to do while I was there — I needed to ride the downtown Las Vegas shuttle, the first-ever driverless public transit test program in the country.

Since its launch in November 2017, the shuttle has given 10,000 riders a free lift around a little, 0.6-mile stretch of downtown Las Vegas. The program was co-created by AAA and a French transportation company called Keolis, with the actual shuttle built by a self-driving car startup called Navya ARMA.

On my last day in Las Vegas, I trekked up to Container Park, where the shuttle loop begins and ends. And after my short, ten-to-fifteen minute ride, I have to say: If this is the future of public transit, sign me up.

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The shuttle, built by a company called Navya ARMA, is unmistakable: It’s stubby and blue, with cameras on the outside and top. And it’s electric, so it’s almost silent.

The shuttle is totally free to ride, and makes three stops on its short, 0.6-mile route.

It connects the hoppin’ Container Park plaza…

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