Apple store

  • I got my screen repaired by Apple, and my phone bricked the next day.
  • I visited the Apple store four times in a week, and each time was chaotic and disorganized.

It all started because I was running late.

While rushing up the subway steps one evening, phone in hand, I tripped.

My iPhone 6s broke my fall — and I, in turn, broke my iPhone.

Miraculously, the phone itself was fine. The insides still worked, but the screen was hideously cracked. Jagged scars ran upward from the bottom right corner, and the bottom bezel on the right side was shattered. Still, it was functional, and spending $150 on a screen repair at Apple didn’t exactly appeal to me.

But then I dropped my phone again. One of the glass shards popped out, leaving a gaping hole that revealed the guts of my device. It was time to admit defeat and get it repaired — especially since I was about to leave town to cover the annual Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.

So on a Sunday afternoon, I headed over to the Apple store in hopes they could squeeze me in for a screen repair.

What ensued was a week-long headache that proved how inefficient, complicated, and time-consuming Apple’s retail experience can be.

Chaos and confusion

Upon arriving at Apple’s new store in downtown Brooklyn, I was impressed by its stunning facade. With its high, sloping ceiling and floor-to-ceiling windows, the store itself is a masterpiece — architecturally, at least.

When I stepped inside, I was immediately struck by how many employees were working on an average Sunday afternoon. The store was packed with people, and about half of them were employees. Somehow, they all seemed busy.

There was no clear place to stand or person to approach, and I wandered aimlessly before finding an available Read More Here