The holiday season is upon us, which can either excite or frighten retailers and franchisees. With an increased number of ad dollars committed to hyperlocalized campaigns both online and offline, this critical selling period can make or break a brand’s revenue for the entire year.

Knowing this, it’s time to consider what franchise brands can do to drive more consumers to the store this holiday season. The best way? A hyperlocal paid search strategy. Let’s take a look at a few tips below to get your strategy up and running.

1. Figure out your hyperlocal targeting strategy.

The conversation around local search and ROI is not a new one; marketers have discussed strategies and the importance of targeting customers by location for the past decade. However, in recent years, there has been a steady increase in hyperlocal search, mainly due to mobile devices. About three-quarters of Americans (77 percent) own a smartphone. “Near me” search queries have increased, and AI-powered personal assistants are also on the rise.

Google reports that nearly one-third of mobile searches are location-based queries. This uptick in location-based searches by consumers indicates an increased level of purchase intent based on physical location. It also provides an opportunity for brands to capture incremental store visits, as these types of searches are often more focused on product than brand, making it easier to identify intent and act accordingly.

Eighty-two percent of customers research online before visiting a store or making a purchase, whether online or in-store. If you fail to incorporate hyperlocal trends and tactics in your current strategy, you might notice a considerable drop in both online and in-person traffic. Consumers are savvier than ever, so it’s important to connect with them using search early on in the research process. You can do this by qualifying them with Read More Here