The better prepared you are for each type of interviewer, the better your odds are at landing a new title and office environment that’ll start your next lap around the sun on a positive foot.

Though it might seem silly or redundant to go over each and every last question that could be thrown at you, practice does indeed make perfect, and sharing your response out loud in front of a mirror — or to a trusted mentor or pal — will ensure you’re ready for anything.

Another way to sharpen your skills? Try to craft your own response to these super-hard and super-tricky interview questions from real professionals who managed to nail ‘em.

‘Do you love to win or hate to lose, and why?’

All is fair in love and war? Better to have tried and lost than to never give it a go?

The questions all land in the same arena, but when Alexa Garshofsky, a licensed real estate salesperson for Triple Mint was thrown this zinger, she was caught confused for a hot second.

The toughest aspect of the inquiry, she explained, was the lack of a so-called ‘right’ answer. “Whichever side you choose you have to be able to convey your argument in a quick and concise manner, which can be challenging,” she said. Her approach was to illustrate her tenacity and dedication to creating the most optimal, successful results, making her someone who loves to go big.

“I went with what I felt would project me as the best candidate, especially in real estate. Companies want to know you are a closer and you will do whatever it takes to win,” she explained. Her reasoning must have won their hearts, considering she landed the job.

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