Framebridge SusanTynan

  • Framebridge is a hot Washington, D.C. custom framing internet startup that has landed deals with Target and Crate & Barrel.
  • Founder Susan Tynan’s career has been a wild ride that includes a stint in the White House under President Obama.
  • Framebridge nearly crashed and burned right out of the gate.
  • Her story shows the kind of grit it really takes to found a successful startup.

Susan Tynan’s favorite bit of advice when asked for words of entrepreneurial wisdom is this: Ignore the well-meaning naysayers who tell you your idea can’t be done.

Tynan is the founder and CEO of Framebridge, an internet custom framing startup. Founded in 2014, she has raised nearly $37 million from backers like NEA and Steve Case’s Revolution Ventures at a $58 million valuation.

Tynan’s journey to CEO shows that the road to success is more about grit and determination than anything else.

Tynan is a fountain of positivity who won’t take no for an answer. That’s how she landed herself her “dream job” back in 2009 working at the White House for the Obama administration.

Back in 2006, she was a Harvard MBA working at Steve Case’s startup called Revolution Health, basically a WebMD competitor, that gained a reputation for its layoffs and struggles at the time. (Case turned it around and sold it to Everyday Health Network in 2007 for $300 million.)

Working from the bathroom for the White House

With Revolution under new ownership, Tynan was at a crossroads in her career. She was living in Washington, D.C. during the euphoric days for Democrats right after President Obama had been elected. Although she had no experience in government, she decided working for Obama would be her “dream job,” she told Business Insider.

To get such a job, she sent her resume to “like 10,000 people,” anyone who she thought Read More Here