An online community weaponized the political commentator Sam Seder’s satirical 2009 tweet.

MSNBC cut ties with its contributor, Majority Report podcast host Sam Seder, after a tweet he sent in 2009 joking about the hypothetical rape of his daughter resurfaced and became fodder for an attack from the alt-right, the largely internet-based fringe movement that includes many elements, like racism, white nationalism, and white supremacy.

The Wrap initially reported Monday that MSNBC would not renew Seder’s contract, and Seder confirmed his firing in an interview with Erik Wemple of the Washington Post.

Seder claims his tweet was attacking rape apologists — not joking about rape. But his firing demonstrates that alt-right activists have successfully weaponized journalists’ old tweets in their fight against the “fake news” mainstream media.

The 2009 tweet that prompted Seder’s dismissal was recirculated by Mike Cernovich, a blogger and purveyor of the Pizzagate conspiracy, and his followers. (Seder attributed the smear to his criticism of Republicans defending Roy Moore in Alabama.) But this isn’t the first time the alt-right has carried out a similar campaign against a journalist. Earlier this year, the New York Times’s ombudsman publicly reprimanded a reporter after a Cernovich-led outrage campaign over a joke about a tweet from rapper Bow Wow.

Many news outlets care deeply about how their reporters act on social media and will suspend or even fire reporters for a single tweet. Cernovich — who has used Twitter to spread fake news, accuse prominent Democrats of running a child sex ring, and repeatedly suggest that women lie about rape — is using this sensitivity to his advantage.

How a tweet from 2009 created a 2017 controversy

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