As 2018 approaches, the rising popularity of video content shows no signs of slowing down. Many experts expect video marketing to be one of the best ways to grow a business in the next year, thanks to its high ROI and engagement rates.

Creating this type of content may seem intimidating to some marketing teams that do not have the resources for high-quality production tools or a large social media budget. However, teams don’t need to create feature-length videos to attract viewers. Studies have found that videos less than a minute long receive the highest retention rates – 80 percent – while videos longer than five minutes only receive around 50 percent retention.

As you begin to design your 2018 marketing strategy, consider these three ways short videos can help your business in the next year.

Develop thought leadership

Positioning your brand as a thought leader in your industry is one of the best ways to build trust with customers. By releasing content that provides valuable information and helpful insights through concise videos, you show your audience that your business understands the industry inside and out.

Focus on creating content that provides true and unique value. Tutorial, how-to and educational videos are great ways to connect with your audience and grab their attention. As the popularity of live video streaming continues to climb, many businesses can benefit from combining this trend with educational content by hosting live webinars.

With an average of 46 percent of viewers converting into customers, hosting webinars is a highly successful strategy for industry leaders. Livestreaming typically results in impressive engagement levels, especially when they are informational and helpful to the audience.

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