“It is not a personal or intellectual weakness to like clothes.”

Sunday’s Golden Globe Awards will kick off the entertainment industry’s 2018 awards season — and with it, a year’s worth of red carpet coverage. Fashion writers around the world are gearing up to find the best bon mot to describe the glitzy, glamorous gowns and suits of Hollywood’s biggest stars, and among those writers are Jessica Morgan and Heather Cocks, a.k.a. the Fug Girls, who have been writing about fashion on their blog Go Fug Yourself with incisive wit since 2004.

But this year’s Golden Globes promise to be a more somber affair than usual. The ceremony is happening as Hollywood is knee-deep in the post-Weinstein reckoning with its culture of sexual abuse and systemic sexism, and its promos — some of which feature the tagline, “Hollywood, we’ve got a lot to talk about” — promise that host Seth Meyers won’t be avoiding the issue. And in support of the #MeToo and #TimesUp movements, many of those attending have pledged to wear black.

It’s an odd, confusing time to be someone who writes about red carpets, and it’s made some fashion writers rethink the way forward. “Given the enormity of our cultural reckoning in the last year with how women are treated in the workplace, on the internet and in Hollywood,” wrote Choire Sicha for the New York Times Style section, “we want to take a fresh look at how we cover this stuff.”

So I spoke with Fug Girls Morgan and Cocks via email to find out how they’re planning to approach this year’s awards season, in a conversation that covered the feminism of red carpet coverage, the big business behind high fashion, and the subtext of Read More Here