A major aspect of starting a restaurant is creating an overall mood or atmosphere. This usually means influencing a customer’s senses so they are primed to have a positive experience in your restaurant. Part of this priming process is removing sonic trash from your environment, dialing up the right music, setting up the dining room in a way that reflects your brand, and building color into your space. This final aspect, color, can have a major effect on your business.

“Color can sway people and their behavioral actions – it’s all about psychology,” said Ashley Anastasia Howell, founder of Avid Creative, a freelance design firm focused on restaurants.

Various experiments have indicated that the color of a food item can impact how we taste it. The Journal of Food Science published a study where respondents easily identified the flavor of a drink they tasted when they could see its color. When they couldn’t see the color, they had trouble identifying each flavor and even mixed up flavors. These findings illustrate the impact our sense of sight has on taste. Our eyes are judging and sending information to the brain about food before we take the first bite.

Regardless of how you approach color, it will have a certain impact on your restaurant. Rosalin Anderson, chief branding officer for international salad and wraps restaurant group Just Salad, said that color directly impacts a customer’s experience.

“Strategic color is one of the most powerful tools for restaurants to use to convey an enjoyable dining experience,” she said in an email. “The selection of the right colors is very important, as it can make diners feel a wide range of emotions from very energized to relaxed, and everything in between.”

Colors to avoid

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