Rep. Mark Sanford: For “truth in advertising,” GOP should acknowledge and defend this as a corporate tax cut bill.

Republican Rep. Mark Sanford (R-SC) voted for the Republican tax plan, but he says the GOP isn’t telling the truth about what this tax bill is. It isn’t a middle-class tax cut, he said; it’s a corporate one.

“Fundamentally the bill has been mislabeled,” Sanford told Washington Post reporter Erica Werner. “From a truth in advertising standpoint it would have been a lot simpler if we just acknowledged really on this bill, which is it’s fundamentally a corporate tax reduction and restructuring bill, period.”

Sanford went on to say if that Republicans just messaged the tax bill accurately — as a corporate tax cut — then there could be a good-faith debate on its merits:

“You can argue the merits or demerits of doing that and what it will or won’t mean in terms of economic expansion and growth, but fundamentally if you look at the bulk of the bill, about two-thirds of it, it’s tied on the business side,” Sanford said. “So there’s trimming, if you will — extras — that are built around indeed trying to help folks at different income levels, but that’s not what the core of what the bill is.”

Sanford’s comments go against Republican leadership’s line on the tax plan, and instead echo a Democratic talking point.

Top Republicans have been selling their tax bill — which gives corporations and businesses a massive tax cut, in addition to making smaller changes for American individuals — as a middle-class tax cut. It’s a pitch that has gotten a lot of blowback from Democrats, who point out that the tax bill primarily benefits the ultrawealthy and business shareholders. The middle-class tax cut shrinks over time, and in the Read More Here