Whether the industry is serious about cleaning house is still an open question.

The landscape in Hollywood appears to be shifting, thanks to careful investigative reporting and brave sources who have substantiated years of rumors of sexual harassment and assault committed by powerful figures like actor Kevin Spacey, producer Harvey Weinstein, and comedian Louis C.K.

As the topic remains in the headlines and the #MeToo movement pushes onward, new allegations of harassment and misconduct both inside and outside the entertainment industry seem to be published on an almost daily basis.

But while in many cases the entertainment industry has acted swiftly to break its ties with the alleged predators — canceling their films and TV shows and development deals, firing them from jobs, booting them from professional guilds, and issuing many statements about the need for change — there are some notable exceptions whose “open secrets” and even convictions have not prevented them from continuing to work in the industry. The proof of Hollywood’s willingness to really stamp out predators in its midst will come in how the industry deals with these men.

Hollywood has been making heartening strides toward cleaning house …

The repercussions have been swift and visible. After hundreds of women came forward alleging sexual harassment, sexual assault, and rape perpetrated by Weinstein, he was ejected from the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences and the Television Academy, and fired from his own company.

Spacey, accused by more than a dozen men and women of charges ranging from harassment to attempted rape, has been dropped by his agent and publicist, effectively fired from Netflix’s House of Cards, and — in an unprecedented move — replaced in the role of J. Paul Getty in Ridley Read More Here