The HBO comedy is back, and as full of pathos and empathy as ever.

Every week, we pick a new episode of the week. It could be good. It could be bad. It will always be interesting. You can read the archives here. The episode of the week for January 14 through 20 is “Globo,” the season 2 premiere of HBO’s High Maintenance.

“Something bad’s happened.”

The “something” is never explained in “Globo,” even though the entire episode hinges on it. The event that sends High Maintenance‘s New York City into mass mourning is kept purposefully vague, with sporadic hints that make it easy to morph the incident into whatever your mind fears: It could be anything from a mass shooting (“there are just some evil people out there, right?”) to the election of Donald Trump (“at least it’ll be really good for art”).

As far as “Globo” is concerned, though, exactly what happened doesn’t matter nearly so much as how everyone reacts to it. Luckily, High Maintenance is exactly the kind of show that’s equipped to portray a story in this meandering, personal vein. Every episode bobs and weaves between characters, like The Guy (co-creator Ben Sinclair) biking his way throughout the city to make his home weed deliveries.

High Maintenance is also one of the only NYC-based shows that can truly back up the clichéd claim that the city is “like another character.” This series has always understood and celebrated New York’s singular weirdness, and the often surprising and beautiful communities that spring up therein.

With “Globo,” High Maintenance reminds us exactly how good it can be by leaning into that quality, with blunt realism and unexpected warmth. On a day like the one “Globo” portrays, in which everyone is at once scattered and united in their shock and grief, Read More Here