lenovo smart display

  • Google Assistant, the company’s smart voice assistant, is now installed on 400 million devices, including the Google Home speakers and certain Android phones.
  • Google is teaming up with partners including Lenovo to make “smart screens” — voice-controlled tablets, like the Amazon Echo Show and Echo Spot.
  • These smart screens will have YouTube. In December, Google pulled YouTube support from all Amazon devices.
  • Google Assistant is also coming to Android Auto, the search giant’s connected car software. It’s also coming to new headphones and speakers.

Amazon’s Alexa voice assistant dominated last year’s Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. Now, CES is upon us once again, and Google is striking back — with a little help from its friends.

First up: Google now says that Assistant, its rival to Amazon’s Alexa, is on 400 million devices, including the Google Home smart speakers, certain Android phones like the Google Pixel 2, and other Google-powered gadgets. Amazon doesn’t disclose a similar number for Alexa, but as of October, CEO Jeff Bezos had pegged it around 20 million.

More importantly, Google is announcing a new line of “smart screens” that are powered by its Assistant but manufactured by partners including JBL, Lenovo, Sony, and LG. They’ll be available starting later this year, Google says, with Lenovo introducing 8-inch and 10-inch screen models at $199 and $249 “this summer.”

“The speakers are great, but there’s lots that hard to do just in a voice-only way,” Google Assistant VP Scott Huffman tells Business Insider.

These devices will be primarily controlled with your voice, but also offer a touchscreen, much like Amazon’s recent Echo Show and Echo Spot speakers. With just your voice, you can pull up photos from your Google Photos library, make video calls with the Google Duo service, and, notably, play YouTube videos Read More Here