With “Jokes Seth Can’t Tell,” Meyers made a smart choice to relinquish the microphone when it counted.

In opening the 2018 Golden Globe awards, Seth Meyers wasted no time addressing the somber subject on everyone’s minds. “Good evening, ladies and remaining gentlemen,” he grinned slash grimaced, breaking the ice as best he could.

Hosting the first awards show of 2018, Meyers had a daunting task ahead of him. How would he toe the line between entertaining the room and making light of the horrific systemic sexism that came to light in the fall of 2017, when allegations of sexual harassment and assault broke against Harvey Weinstein — and then, one after another, many other male Hollywood titans? How was he supposed to crack jokes while facing a sea of black dresses, worn in protest of sexual abuse in the workplace?

Luckily, Meyers has had plenty of experience walking a tricky tightrope as host of NBC’s Late Night, where he has to grapple daily with an avalanche of political chaos. He’s also proven himself to be more openly willing to admit when he, a straight white guy, can’t speak to certain experiences the way, say, his women writers can. So on Late Night, Meyers regularly features a segment called “Jokes Seth Can’t Tell,” in which he hands off the punchlines to writers Amber Ruffin and Jenny Hagel (who are black and gay, respectively).

And so toward the end of his Golden Globes monologue — which relied solely on punchlines instead of soft-shoeing his way through a song-and-dance number — Meyers brought “Jokes Seth Can’t Tell” to the Golden Globes, setting up jokes and then handing off the punchlines to more fitting people out in the audience.

“The Golden Globes turns 75 this year…” Meyers began.

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