Getting Bitcoin on Grandma's Android Phone: 3 Easy Steps

So, you’ve helped mom buy some bitcoins and grandma is starting to feel a little left out. Being the perfect grandchild you are, you want to make her feel included in the latest family craze. However, grandma doesn’t believe in spending ridiculous amounts of money on an iPhone, she uses an affordable, tasteful Android. So let’s introduce grandma to cryptocurrencies in three easy steps.

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Fig. 1

Step 1: Quick! Get Grandma to the Google Play Store!

Similar to mom, grandma is up to date with all the latest apps like: Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat. She knows about the Google Play Store. Ask her to click on the triangle icon (Fig. 1). Now get her a pen and some paper before we move on.

In the Search Bar, type in “bitcoin wallet.” She’ll have a plethora of choices to choose from. For grandmothers, we suggest three popular choices: Mycelium, Bread or Each has an intuitive interface and is easy to use.

Getting Bitcoin on Grandma's Android Phone 3 Easy Steps
Fig. 2 has a super solid wallet. With over 805,000 wallets created, our wallet is easy to use for beginners and robust enough for experts. Upon downloading the wallet, both bitcoin and bitcoin cash wallets are automatically set up for you.

Step 2: Download your Wallet

Grandma then should click’s wallet for Android in the play store. We’re going to walk-through’s wallet.

Right after she presses, “install,” a progress bar will appear as it downloads. This should take a few seconds depending on grandma’s internet connection.

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